The Safetruk Ltd provides a full range of services for transportation of your goods in the international area. Each transportation is a separate project, which is treated individually.

Services list:

Transportation of goods by road (full, LCL)

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (ADR)

"Door to door"

Services of customs carrier and customs clearance

Freight Forwarding

Reservations of Ferry Tickets



International carriage of goods

Road transportation - the most widespread way to deliver cargo to international destinations, has a number of advantages.  

The company "Seyftrak" LLC provides a full range of services, including a selection of necessary vehicle, workflow, choose the best route, customs clearance and cargo insurance.

We provide the highest quality of transportation of goods by road, providing the following features:

  • Carriage of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • oversized and heavy cargo transportations
  • Container transportation  
  • transportation of valuable goods
  • Transportation of partial loads, full and partial load


Our main directions are: Western Europe United Kingdom, CIS.

Our main advantage is the safety transportion, but we may also declare the advantages of speed, quality, service availability.


Transportation of Dangerous Goods

The "Safetruck" Ltd provides transportation of dangerous goods of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.

In our work we have both: own and attracted (external) vehicles. Drivers of vehicles accepted for carriage of dangerous goods pass special training and have certificates. Our partners also have special vehicles and license for this activity.

By committing to the carriage of dangerous goods, we ensure compliance with all rules and regulations regarding this type of transportation.



The advantage of shipping by road is possibility of carrying on a "door to door", without the need for transshipment of goods. With this type of transportation goods are transported directly from the warehouse of the sender's warehouse. When carried on the scheme you should not hold complex terminology,it is sufficient to indicate the starting point and the destination point - all the rest will take care of our employees.


Services of customs carrier and customs clearance

Based on the brokerage agreement, we commit ourselves to the implementation of customs clearance and customs services offer varying difficulty. The list of services includes the following elements:

  • Preparation of documents 
  • documentary support of cargo, writing letters and declarations
  • Definition of codes of the classification of goods
  • consulting on customs clearance
  • expertise of goods and declaration
  • other services under the laws


The "Safetruck" Ltd provides an individual approach in each case and decides the tasks efficiently.


Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding - is one of the activities offered by our company. We have extensive experience in the international carriage of goods, own modern transport and have established partnerships with leading transportation companies.

Freight Forwarding by our company - is coordinated route, speed of work, strict adherence to rules, obligations and transport safety.

We are also interested in mutually advantageous cooperation with carrier companies that have their own vehicles.


Reservations of Ferry Tickets



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