Final of the competition of professional skills of drivers in Minsk.

   On September 13-14 near Minsk in the industrial park «Great Stone, the 11th competition of professional skills of drivers of main road trains was held. Contestants had to pass tasks such as «Snake» in good and reverse, «Gauge», «Relay», «Tunnel Gate», «Box», «Parking», «Planka» and «Target». One of the difficult elements was «Exercise Stop» - to knock down the wooden bar at one braking so that the kegs, drowning behind it by 30 centimeters, did not fall. When performing the Target figure, the road train must be stopped so that the stand vertically attached to the bumper is located as close as possible to the center of the target depicted on the asphalt. Our company participated in such a competition for the first time. Having passed the qualifying round and having taken the first place in the region, our contestants Alexander Vitko and Alexey Krivets, tested themselves in practical part. Let this time we did not take prize-winning places, but it enriched our experience, ignited the desire to participate still. According to our participants: «It was pleasant to be in the atmosphere of the holiday among professionals of the business. The spirit of competition makes you feel your profession on the other hand, not so familiar».
   As Onore de Balzac said «To reach the target, you have to go first». Which is what we 're doing!
   Alexander and Alexey!
Thank you, guys, that tried, made every effort to win. We know - this profession for you conscious choice in life, and we wish you further self-realization and pleasure of selection of activities!
   We thank our leader Petr Petrovich for his personal participation and support!

15 September 2019

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