Driver Ltd "Safetruck" is nominated for the IRU Honorary Grand Prix.

     Having read the Regulations on the IRU Honorary Grand Prix, the management of "Safetruck" Ltd considered it possible to nominate its representative - professional driver Makhnach Dmitry Viktorovich, who showed exceptional courage and heroism in the performance of his professional duties - as a candidate for the IRU award.

     Makhnach DV He was born on 30.04.1971 in Grodno, after graduating from secondary school and GPTU No. 7 as a machinist of crane-crane self-propelled machines in 1989, began his career in the Grodno building materials factory. In 1992, Dmitry Viktorovich linked his fate with the career of a driver, settling in Grodno GAP 1 driver of a car of the third class.

      In transport structure Ltd "Safetruck", Makhnach DV. entered in February 1998 and is currently one of the leading drivers of the firm's professionals. During his professional work in Ltd "Safetruck" Makhnach DV. traveled a lot of countries in Europe and Asia, carrying out international transport of goods and was not responsible for accidents at work and was not responsible for the accident. For the period of labor activity in Ltd "Safetruck", Makhnach DV had no serious violations of traffic rules, did not commit customs and administrative offenses in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

      Currently, Dmitry Viktorovich works as an international driver on a VOLVO FH freight trailer and carries out the transportation of goods in the directions UK-Russia / Belarus. So the heroic deed, which served as an occasion to nominate Dmitry Viktorovich as a candidate for the honorary IRU Grand Prix, also occurred in a relatively quiet and calm Britain.

      June 6, 2013, Dmitry loaded clothes and costume jewelry of one of the world's famous brands in Milton Keynes and headed towards Dover port. Working time was coming to an end, and he was forced to stop for a rest at one of the parking lots at the M1 gas station. It was already light when Dmitri felt that someone was in the semitrailer and, still not knowing what was waiting for him, went out to inspect the vehicle. The left side of the semitrailer was all in sections, it became clear that in the cargo room robbers. I went on the other side and saw that there was a truck at the back doors and robbers carrying boxes with goods. Without a second's hesitation and not thinking about the possible consequences, Dmitry rushed into the battle with one of them. At this point, he managed to notice that the truck of robbers was wound up, and there is already a part of the cargo ... Our hero rushes into the cab of the robbers' truck and already there gets into a fight with the driver who unexpectedly leaves the driver's place, but keeps grasping the steering wheel and fighting back! In the heat of the fight Dmitry's gaze falls on the ignition lock, and, without a moment's hesitation, he snatches out the keys, thereby paralyzing the vehicle of the robbers ... But what to do next, he is already blocked from behind by a black guy who has come to his rescue, on the other side of the cab, robbers and, somewhere on the way, the third accomplice! Once blocked in the cockpit on both sides, Dmitry showed masculinity and, taking incredible physical efforts in the fight with the robbers, broke out and ran for help to the operator of the gas station.

     This concludes the fight. The police arrived at the scene.

       Thus, thanks to the courage and dedication of our driver, the cargo in integrity and safety was subsequently delivered to the warehouse of the recipient, and     the British police got a trophy truck at their disposal!




30 January 2015

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