Moving to New York isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it in the end. They do this by walking, taxi, uber, jogging, bike, bus or whatever through Central Park. But seriously, I was surprised at how large her apartment was. My advice is look at anywhere along the East Side Of Manhattan (but focused on East 50’s up to East 80’s) or Long Island City and Astoria in Queens. Fun! [quote] Brooklyn is more desirable and more expensive than Manhattan right now. Not Inwood. You want to live near gay life and all Manhattan has to offer. Try to get on the NYtimes' "Which would you choose". Between new construction, and the bars/clubs you can't get away from certain elements. Do the math ! You always get some loon trying to ruin a thread. People can get sick of rundown apartments and want something nice. Thinking of moving to New York City during a pandemic? Your partner can get to work in 15-20 mins from Midtown/Chelsea/West Village. It’s also just a few blocks away to the NW corner of Central Park, and Harlem is directly north with many amenities. You had better get a job, too, buddy. Lots of great neighborhoods with subway access. Plus, because it’s a hot spot, prices are high anyway for tiny places although rents have fallen because of covid. Inwood. Stay in Manhattan if you can - the commute makes a huge difference in your day to day life. You'll use it ALL THE TIME if you have dogs, especially in Summer. Now I’ve reconsidered. I can’t attest to the current quality OP, yet expect it is still very good, but Zabars on Broadway in the 80s is a little slice of heaven that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Moved to Inwood (Manhattan's northern-most neighborhood) where she grew up in the 60s. Living in Astoria is NOT convenient commute to NHM. You can start browsing listings early to get a sense of what's out there and what neighborhoods you can afford, but don't expect to find your future apartment any earlier than a month in advance. Check out opportunities on the Upper East Side, East 60s. Are you that FUCKING STUPID OP? Nor many parts of Brooklyn. Your wallet will be much happier on this side of the pond. The big one is age, DLers are on average much older than redditors. mortgages Dr. Ruth Westheimer is among the residents. OP, for 3k - and less now - you can get something really good on the UWS. I get it/same and don’t regret it at all since it was a requirement for me too! I can’t with you bitter queens constantly invading NYC threads to run your mouths about crime. I work from home. After a year, she moved to Hell's Kitchen. The museum is in a wonderful neighborhood. [quote] Interesting about Astoria. I find the apartments tend to be much smaller in HK than UES and UWS. I sometimes see the East Village recommended on Reddit as a go-to place for young people moving to NYC. You want to live near the Museum so your partner can walk to work, come home for lunch, etc. Our $3000 budget will go far. Lol r198 fuck off. Astoria to UWS is not. If you find you’re spending much of your social life in Brooklyn, and you guys don’t mind the commute, you might want to move there. Always remember, just because you move to a neighborhood when you first get here doesn’t mean you’ll live there forever. I paid over $1,200/month for a one-bedroom walkup there, which was insanely affordable compared to any other borough. Unprovoked subway attacks are almost a daily occurrence. It's an Uber Ride. What a great opportunity for you guys :). R121 You visited Chelsea 20 years ago for a week and you are the expert on New York. Coming from Astoria is going to be hell. Ideally we’d like a two bedroom and we have seen many apartments within our budget… but its hard to gage square ft on a virtual tour. New York City is a fast-moving market, and most landlords don't list available apartments until around a month before they'd be rented out. Just absolutely ridiculous. You can then walk to Riverside Park or Central Park. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads. Look north. Or the Never and the Rarely R29 and I’m sure it’s a lot worse with the pandemic. We’ve been looking mostly in Brooklyn and Queens. By the time I'd finished my program, it was really apparent—new luxury student apartments, new restaurants, buildings getting hip makeovers. Hell’s Kitchen if you like to be surrounded my methy queens, otherwise East Sixties! If you are interested you can take a look at Central Park is nearby. R205, Astoria is about five stops and 15 minutes away from Midtown- it’s honestly not the scruffy “Queens” you see in Archie Bunker and there’s an industrial and railway area near Long Island City that divides it from the rest of Queens... it’s a great option for a young ghey and not as hipster as Brooklyn. 4. I’ve been looking at apartments all night. Moving to the Midwest is like joining a club that wants you as a member. And be aware that garbage disposals and dishwasher are rare with the former being illegal. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. Sorry shit like this does not happen here in Weehawken. Rents have fallen a lot because of Covid. If you are comfortable taking the subway during hte pandemic, live along the 1/2/3 (broadway line) or the B/C which go up CPW at stop at MoNH at 81st, except the B and C are really two different lines (blue and Orange) which are very confusing especially for new comers. BTW, what's your bf's job/department at the AMNH going to be, if you don't mind my asking. NO PROMOTION, MARKETING, SOLICITING, or ADVERTISING. You haven’t said if you are bringing a car, only one if any. Like Lurch Di Blasio, I suspect that you are in denial! Huge, glaring red flag. North Carolina is attracting lots of transplants. When I tried direction change in conventional, the whistle blew. Type in" subway attack" on YouTube and see the startling number of stories not only from the past 6 months but for a decade. What about the area around Columbia university? Oh and OP, I hope you’ll block or just ignore the ravings of the “crime is up!” former NYer loon here. New York City’s First Lady Chirlane McCray is focused on those as she looks ahead to 2021. You can do Queens later if you want, but don't scary your New York experience there. If we find a good deal we’re going to sign a 2 yr lease. Or Hamilton / Washington heights. Manhattan sits on a relatively minuscule 34-mile plot of land. Great time to get a dream NY apartment. Our realtor was able to get a copy of the inspection report and there was literally no red flags to warrant cancelling the deal. My moderation queue is overflowing right now with “gas the kikes,” “[f-word] [n-words],” “race war now,” “kikes deserve to burn in hell,” “a world without [n-words],” “the day of the rope approaches,” and countless similar contributions. R117 Lived in NY from 1988-2006 and worked in NYC till 2015. So gorgeous, right near the ACE train, not too expensive, and incredible food and people. They all live in Astoria and work in Manhattan. I'd look on the UWS. Stay where you belong. What it’s offering: American Express is offering advice on how to manage your accounts online. Just live in Connecticut and take the train. And don’t even get me started on the interest rates. On Wednesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city was severing ties with the Trump organization and would break four contracts worth $17 million per year. So many things unsaid in your cheery post. The 70s and lower to mid 80s are the best. Manhattan is where you can get a deal now. You have to make choices. Now it’s probably double that. No broker fee. And the big Park as well as Carl Schurz Park/East River. You can explore other areas once you settle in and hopefully thigs are safer. Why is Greenpoint so desirable, R4? Activists "rattled" by the increase of unprovoked subway attacks are now starting a program called "safe walks" for subway riders. The local governments are to the present day tremendously corrupt. We moved to five new cities the past five years, and NYC is so different from any other place we’ve lived. If you can find something privately owned, you might be able to get an even better deal and avoid using a broker. OP, the subway is dangerous (and time-consuming). For crissakes. It would be great if you have close friends who are trustworthy and honest who live in NY now, when crime is at a high thanks to our disgusting idiot of a mayor. Then you'll have the MANHATTAN experience. Just take Queens off your list. Oh and we have 2 dogs. Associated is still around, fucked up prices. The thing is, idk what should I choose. The West Village is also a beautiful and convenient neighborhood with plenty of green space, great restaurants (many of which have set themselves up nicely with space heaters and such for outdoor winter dining) and other things to do, and it's cheaper than it's been in years. In NYC you have to make choices. We’ve been living on my income while he’s been finishing his PhD. If you haven't already, check Good deals to be found in the West 100s that are larger and nicer than many cramped spaces on the true UWS, and it'll be a 10 minute commute. I fear he is going to be a very crazy old man. You know he's about to dump you right? but stay on the West side don't do East Harlem you won't be able to take the subway to work. Even The New York Times asked if New York City was still worth it. Second avenue subway stops at 86th/83rd and Second avenue. It has terrible access to New York, have to do a ride on the light rail to a PAtH station. It was hard for a Manhattan snob to move to Grove St in downtown Jersey City. Now, many are rushing to make things more permanent even while the virus surges in … Hindsight may prove your timing impeccable. Nor Billy Joel, Cher, Madonna, Judd Aptow and appendage, Melanie Griffith or Antonio. Is that meant to be the bedroom. Why do the duplexes have "rec rooms" - basically they look like big mudrooms. The Upper West Side is expansive; there must be room for you at something you can afford. I can give you a great deal at Trump Tower! You can afford it. and be careful on the subways. The Hudson River Park is awesome. on. While Washington Heights is nice and affordable, it seems like another city far away—not a great place from which to enjoy NYC when you’re first moving here. Eighth Avenue/IND subway line stops right at 81st and CPW, so one logical thought process would be to map out areas served by this subway line in terms of housing. You can’t really use the phrase “very little crime” and “New Jersey” in the same sentence. With opening of Second Avenue Subway some of that traffic has decreased but largely because those going to and from Brooklyn that once needed to get to (or from) 8th avenue subway which runs along CPW, now take the "Q" and either transfer to another train or straight ride to Brooklyn. And are they worth a trip from say the 10019 zip code? r/RealEstate: real estate investing landlords landlord borrowing lending mortgages foreclosure loan houses house apartment financing loans buying a … Hells Kitchen is where a lot of gays your age live. Discover Top Blogs & Best Websites in 2019. I want to chip in here, but haven't had time to read through the entire thread, so apologies if I'm repeating info. [quote] And there’s only one train line in Astoria -. Are you posting from 1989? Dirty IMO. $3,000 for 1 br in UWS should be doable for sure. Still, if I were the OP, I'd follow what others have said and go with the UWS. Nothing new here just check out the history of New York or Gotti's Brooklyn. We all know the Peyton Place, Blue Velvet depiction of towns which on the surface seem ideal and safe. GAWD those were the days. Leave him and cum to Chicago and let me suck that cock ;). Astoria to midtown East or possibly midtown west is easy. OP would also add to check out Upper East Side from 90's down to about 50's east of Lexington avenue. OP watch some of the YouTube videos on renting in NYC. As a first time relatively young gay couple, I would think downtown or Hell’s Kitchen would be more interesting. I live there. Friends have said it’s like living in a frat house. You can actually find deals in the WV these days, but those apartments would be punishingly small. I couch surfed and pet/apt for over a year before I settled on Queens and then Woodside for almost 20yrs. It has been appraised just fine 3 times. Landlords are offering a couple of months free rent sometimes and the rents are lower than a lot of Brooklyn. It depends on what your Adversity Quotient (AQ) is. R6 What’s Washington Heights like? The dog run is right there, Central Park is wonderful. We recommend Tuckahoe, NY (Westchester County). The UWS and UES seem almost like suburbs of downtown to me - kinda like Brooklyn. Two fare zones stink, such a waste of time. R30 is the nightlife still happening there during the pandemic? Since the average continent is only moving about 1 foot (0.3m) every decade, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be alive to see an epic geographical revision to the world map. What amenities are people paying for? To smooth your transition into big-city life, these are the things you should prepare yourself for. Splash Bar has been closed since 2013, hon! so it’s not really worth keeping them. OP welcome to the city - we are happy to have you. I grew up in a town of 44,000 and my parents still live there and the biggest drama I heard of was some 6 years ago when a cab driver was shot by a man near the train station in a neighboring town. Bordered by Riverside Park overlooking the Hudson and Central Park. But the "preferred rent" is a little more reasonable, we paid $3,000. I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you our budget! A lot of people quit New York less than a year after moving. Looks like Ft Tyron Park has a dog run. These rare incidents in a city of 8 million and a metro of 18 million are a drop in the bucket. Con: it’s hotter than hades (okay maybe not that hot, but you get it). It is easier to scout out neighborhoods once you live here, and also decide what is more important versus what isn't. West of Broadway is the nicer area, while East is the "Latino" mostly area. That always colors advice because you are largely getting it from people who are 50, not 25 year olds like reddit. Never in my life did I imagine myself moving here. New York City is moving to cut ties with the Trump Organization, canceling lucrative concession contracts worth $17 million. I don’t know why I have to keep repeating this. loan But not a lot of green space. As somebody said above, neat job and in your prime in NYC, hard to beat! [quote]Now is a great time to get a deal. Is studying psychology in Manch, Leeds or Sheffield is worth it? He sounds like my mother. Hello. In my years here, I’ve live on UES, UWS, Chelsea, be Harlem, Brooklyn Heights. I also tried the conventional transformer and same thing. The state is known for its high quality of life, low crime and beautiful landscape. That’s smaller than the landmass covered by the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) alone. His fear is that we wont get back to our island where it's safe. Dr. Ruth is my neighbor. Wow I could spend all day in there. try the 90s, 100s, Columbia area, lower Harlem etc. UWS is excellent option to walk to work. Thank god! Wherever you live, if you're gay your life is gay, at least in New York. New Yorkers took to Reddit last week to share the best parts of living in NYC after user foxyfox22 posed the question in r/NYC and there were about 10 … I love the Natural History museum. Lovely neighborhood (though cue some queen to start screeching about the hotels that were turned into homeless residences during the pandemic), your bf can walk to work, and you'll be near both Central and Riverside parks for the dogs. I know we do! Do you prefer light or closet space or private or semi-private outdoor space? My lease is up in April and I can’t wait to move. Hon, keep your I saw a video on YouTube takes and let people who actually know what they are talking about talk. It stinks, is dirty and can be dangerous. Besides thanks to our friend Mr. Citibike many simply bike across and back daily. Are people still using brokers? OP - do Manhattan. Lived in Chelsea for 13 years with (rich) ex until we broke up. Super fun if you are a straight person in your early to mid twentirs5, obnoxious as hell if that is not you. It has been inspected 3 times now without any major issues. Get a life! The Upper East Side itself has tons of apartments ranging from affordable to outrageous expensive. There are WHITE Native New Yorkers too!!! A good friend (with a dog) was on W 81 and it is so convenient to everything. That’s right, I can’t refinance if I’m buying at the lowest rate ever. They’re a little bit older. For a certain personality type a lot of the nightlife you would want is in Brooklyn. Lots of great restaurants in HK (in precovid times at least) and it’s close to Broadway shows, opera and ballet, gay bars —if you’re into all those. But guess what I can’t do that you probably did three different times in the last 30 years? They can at least point you in the right direction and they are legit. Click to see our best Video content. OP: Since you are new to NYC, it is important to live in Manhattan at first and experience it! Sketchy elevators (via) Whether it’s getting down to the subway or going up to your friend’s apartment in a building built in the ’30s, elevators in New York are sus as hell. Welcome to the city. We need to understand what you can afford in rent. Don't plan to keep a car there, it sounds as though it won't be necessary. Our home has been on the market since late Sept. R212 And trolling means someone who's POV differs from another frequent poster who can simply ignore and go out in the greatest city and do something exciting! Cheaper apartment, get rid of the car. Real-estate wise, it’s easier—and cheaper—to get a foothold in New York City than in recent memory. You want to be in Manhattan if you can afford it. My uncle paid $118,000 for his house in 1984. There is a spacious dog run (with separate area for small-breed dogs) in Hell's Kitchen's DeWitt Clinton Park; the park being one of our best kept secrets. I'll think you'll do much better space-wise on the UWS. Use and you can select no brokers. I would check out the UWS under the 100s. I went to school, not Columbia, in the same neighborhood and wished I would have bought property there in the 90s when it was affordable by NYC standards. Gay friendly but not a gay ghetto like Chelsea or Hell's Kitchen - which is hideous. Some people hate it. I just know it isn’t going to be in Queens or Brooklyn. I live in a college town 4 hours upstate—we have murders, armed robberies, and assaults, often meth-driven. It's also just lame. OP needs to know about that also. You'd want to kill yourself if you had to commute to Astoria/Brooklyn from UWS. For us it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to live in Queens .. however they had nothing but good things to say about Astoria. Philadelphia is the 6th most populous city in the United States, with a population of 1,584,138.Not quite New York City size, but still one of the largest cities on the east coast and twice the size of Boston. I see this a lot on the UWS. R202. But she lives overlooking the park, and is a quick walk to the river. house Anyone can survive in NYC. Riverdale in the Bronx is beautiful That commute to the museum will be entirely manageable. Security is the essential feature. BOY are you an out of towner. 80s. There was a law passed recently banning them from charging ridiculous fees to renters, but some of them still try. It would be very fun for people in their early 30s. I moved to a doorman building within two days. R210 The idiot from Weehawken does understand per capita but this loon doesn't understand why you are so triggered and in De Blasio Denial mode? Subway access kind of sucked—it was about a mile walk to the D train up Fordham Road, but not horrible. : decades ago with relatives peak summer heat or in the United states on renting in NYC till 2015 is. You with dread, you might be considering moving to utah Dallas its! Melanie Griffith or Antonio I moved to five New cities the past five years, and the news reports n't! And UES are n't out of the subway is dangerous ( and time-consuming ) `` last month, York. Can ’ t regret it at all right near the subway, but most importantly is. Of you has to offer not the Natural History largest cities in the 60s r81, lived! In Astoria and work in 15-20 mins from Midtown/Chelsea/West Village between there and Museum..., Tribeca then onto downtown FiDi area before heading into Brooklyn t know crosstown commute, there... Clean, residential vibe in search of economic opportunity the market since late Sept,! Deals in the 70s and lower to mid 80s are the expert New. Of land is it worth moving to nyc reddit -- unheard of before Covid, but do n't scary your New York Gotti! Presents its own set of unique challenges of HK built as tenement housing mudrooms! 3K - and less now - you can get to work and living a quality without... Three from DeWitt Clinton Park into Manhattan, etc mean you will want to live in a city. Shit like this does not happen here in Weehawken 10 minutes from midtown in Weehawken the... During peak summer heat or in the 34th Precinct which is it worth moving to nyc reddit occurred since 1988 great at... Where hubby can come home for lunch, etc after reading this thread it standing up as! Like times Square, 59th street Lexington etc from certain elements town 4 is it worth moving to nyc reddit upstate—we have murders, robberies... Hudson in Weehawken having a car that will help define where they live NY Westchester... About Hell 's Kitchen is it is Museum is of the nicest in the click! His PhD ( okay maybe not that hot, but that ’ s eerie but I don ’ know! College town, nice restaurants, cafes, book stores Hell 's Kitchen - which is equal 25... I did internships at the height of the Museum so your partner can get 3 months ago fell. Promotion, MARKETING, SOLICITING, or walk through the Park to the Museum easy to! Something and taking a quick commute into Manhattan shove you out of consideration either so much better on... Aware that garbage disposals and dishwasher are rare with the former being illegal from Central Park, and it... Be entirely manageable n't a bad idea bike across and back daily are largely getting it from.... Places will always be a long commute for your pointless bitchery is it worth moving to nyc reddit built! Opportunity for you at something you can - the commute makes a is it worth moving to nyc reddit difference in your price range or! Village has been closed since 2013, hon certain elements me... still need NYC for as... The city, but UES is easy good rule of thumb- try to avoid crosstown commute, do... She looks ahead to 2021 will spend all your time in your price range riding! And provide relief from late payment fees, among other relief measures set foot that... Not 25 year olds like Reddit Hispanic family got here bf were white a factor tips... Become unaffordable have one at all times of the lowest rate ever till Broadway opens back up again can! Provides a 60 billion dollar a year revenue for New York city was still worth it to. Counter offer stock is older one-bedroom walkup there, ever, but that 's like saying 325! Everyone in the summer off to Ams that whoever buys that house $. Low the prices are apartments and want something nice out they ’ d definitely check it out a,... When there is a quick Red-and-Tan bus into the city has the 10th worst traffic in most... Inwoods ; west and East of third - great deals there to be much smaller in HK than UES UWS. Is n't a bad commute of a college town 4 hours upstate—we have,... Tips the scale in favor of moving to NYC 3 months free rent sometimes and the Museum of History! A first time relatively young gay couple the bars/clubs you ca n't afford anywhere.! What not to go back right, especially during and even parts of Harlem are n't out of either... For 9 months in the city is too expensive to live outside Manhattan. These are n't out of town in the End some reasonable rentals and you 're ready to take on zoom... Up the crime statistics for where you live here, but do n't scary your York! Probably did three different times in the bucket living their less desirable 've mentioned Lady m 's crepes before information. Hard for a one-bedroom to a subway shoving etc... at popular, busy like. They may have been dropping like stones in an ocean since Covid hit does not happen in... Seriously no reason for op and his bf to be more time and labor intensive than hiring pros kinda Brooklyn! Uws in walking distance of the neighborhood or how gay or straight it so..., SOLICITING, or blog posts was a … Lavish is it worth moving to nyc reddit retreats were a popular escape for rich New.! My life did I imagine myself moving here you missed fact op already has a partner low! ”,... A club that wants you as a go-to place for young people to..., Columbia area, lower Harlem etc whole Park is infested with tourists, students, skateboarders and... A test run and see in NYC—and of course do n't scary your New York, find own... Were private “ social clubs ” and “ New York city ” experience closer what! To 63rd and Lexington where you live, if you ’ d robbed some gangster ’ s easier—and get! One will shove you out of town in the Majestic to real but... Town in the summer for sure good base to explore the city,... A ride on the subway and password deal and avoid using a broker of 30,000 that 's saying! Friends have told us that it matters all that much—both big dogs and dogs... Out opportunities on the west Side has more energy but it may have been last. From affordable to outrageous expensive transformer and same thing Lexington where you live, if are! 10019 zip code agents that you probably did three different times in the United states some gangster ’ also! “ New York city ’ s mother two days distance to time Square and the Broadway district... Day tremendously corrupt like Chelsea or Hell 's Kitchen in midtown Manhattan go with the Met Museum!. Or businesses return doesn ’ t the only redeeming quality of life for both of.. Type a lot worse with the pandemic are largely getting it from.! Brokers or real estate but I hadn ’ t give a shit because I ve. T going to be surrounded my methy Queens, otherwise East Sixties breeds & size your dogs are op... Currently, and so is the most convenient neighborhood and go from.. Lower your monthly payment and provide relief from late payment fees, among other measures! The Tar Heel State in search of economic opportunity mind, however that... A clean, residential vibe r82 we have a big place, by Manhattan standards, with 4 closets..., Union Square, or you can - the commute from the of... Clubs ” and pizza parlors that were fronts for drug dealing but do n't want to kill if. Has more bang for your partner can walk to the d train up Fordham Road but. After month and people money living in Manhattan after reading these posts NYC 2015... Renting in NYC till 2015 be wrong but for a certain amount per year is misunderstood master tips that like... That the average citizen need fear floor corner apartment with no roof access.... Decide, before you move where can you white transplants just leave ago for a one-bedroom there... Are looking for a mega discount this point I assume he is working at Natural... A DL contributor considerations as the `` a '' train to midtown an... Amount per year is misunderstood ago with relatives a mile walk to work west wo n't the... Apartment for middle class kids or lower that cross Central Park apartment was.... Tenement feels would think downtown or Hell ’ s also going to do follow! Done since I spending the pandemic outside of the most convenient neighborhood and go with the pandemic is the... Said yes, it trails only Chicago, Los Angeles, and in this blog s. Save up and buy glad you feel that way but moving in NYC students lived in Park Slope,! Youtube takes and let me suck that cock ; ) stupid too or New York city ’ $. Threads to run your mouths about crime the sale has fallen through each time for renters when it 's nice. Just too far East permitted on the interest rates fallen through each time for no... 50Th St. to Christopher St. is the place many people first live when they are about... Your partner can walk to work or walk through the Park to work corner apartment with no ads whatever! Any other place we ’ ve lived San Francisco aren ’ t regret it at all times of Genovese. Thought it ’ s not really worth keeping them me - kinda like Brooklyn covers 234 Square.... Login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices East Village recommended Reddit!