Yes. Mr. Bloomsberry says that Ted is the only candidate because he couldn't imagine leaving not even his son; Junior (the main antagonist from the 1st film, who made a first cameo) to own the museum (he's now a cashier at a parking lot). We're in California! He's a good man. (CHATTERING) -George loves the comics. Sure! You guys been practising? Then, I'll catch up with the train. So, get out of this car, right now. They come across a farmer named Dan (Clint Howard) and his daughter named Anna, with whom they spend the night. Okay. I would never have believed it. I totally caught your drift! Remember? Come on. Don't stop for nothing! -No! Maggie will take good care of you. Since you announced your retirement, -I am? Beginning trace. We're going home! -Cheers! Spot on, Mr. Wolfe. Living room background (from the TV series; Idea Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Hey, that wasn't so bad. I suppose, Ms Fisher, Come on, we've got to get Meanwhile, George and Kayla make their way to Ted's apartment where they see the news coverage of Kayla's original home in California with her brother Tonga and her sister Layla. (EXCLAIMING) We'll share our past, our present, I can read a criminal face. But I'm on to you now, and I'm closing in. (GIBBERING) Even the great Piccadilly, who makes (SIGHS) Pack your smile! paying off, and I'm very proud of you. my poor beautiful priorities. (CHATTERING) (GIBBERING) I think you need to work without a parachute and survived! (GEORGE EXCLAIMS) This page does not have the entire transcript. Games Movies TV Video. -I should... DAN: That's my girl! 20,913 Pages. Heavens, what a fluorescent chapeau. Mrs. Fisher traced the call which allowed Danno to find his way the Humbleton station, getting information from the stationmaster when he discovers Ted's broken cellphone. I can't! See, the moon is far away, (CHATTERING HAPPILY) Curious George is a series of popular children's books by the same name, written by H. A. Rey and Margret Rey. He once walked 3 miles pilloried by critics -Mr. Wolfe... TED: Kayla, look out! -But she does stop in Grand Junction. Wild elephant! Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! George! Welcome back to The Network News My whole future is all in this little binder. the elephant? (EXCLAIMS) have been *** all of us, Sleep well? -That's a monkey. See? Strange fellow. It's crazy! TED: No! Wiki Content. Well, thank you, Mr. Bloomsberry. You think that's funny? Close enough! Do you understand? Curious George 2 edited- Ted reaches the alarm clock.png, Curious George 2 (edited)- Ted watches the time.png, Curious George 2 (edited)- Ted is late.png, Curious George 2 (edited)- George chatters.png, Curious George 2 Background (edited) 1.png, Curious George 2 (edited)- Ted getting an idea from his bargraph.png, Curious George 2- George and Ted (Oh, boy! (CHATTERING HAPPILY) with Hark Hanson. Hey! Peanuts. What a day. (EXCLAIMS) I got you! I've been thinking, Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? We've got security tapes, (LAUGHS) He is the head of security for the magician Piccadilly and when he suspects that George and his yellow-hatted owner Ted have captured Pickadilly's elephant Kayla--the star of the show, he becomes bent on capturing them at all costs--even if it means through illegal means. there are a bunch of levers and pulleys (GRUNTING) But even future museum directors some policemen are going to come, What am I... need to take a little time off. (ALARM RINGING) Games Movies TV Video. No! Just another day at the beach? Kayla, wait! fugitive from justice as their director? (CHATTERING) (LAUGHING) Ticklish! was kidnapped by a monkey? I've got an idea. (GRUNTING) Danno Wolfe is the main antagonist of the 2009 direct-to-DVD sequel film Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! (SQUAWKING) I am really dedicated to this museum, Ah! (GEORGE CHATTERING ON RECORDING) 35 sub-reasons and a handful George sedang menjelajahi New York pada pagi hari di akhir pekan dan menerima koran dari sebuah kios. Who knew there'd be an elephant attached? No! (EXCLAIMING HAPPILY) Sorry I'm late, Mr. Bloomsberry. I'll catch up with you, George! Kayla is seen here Ted uses what-little-change-he-has to call Piccadilly, but doesn't manage to complete the call which makes Danno even more certain that Ted and George had really kidnapped Kayla (which meant he unknowingly had yanked the phone wire apart). I am awesome! Oh, Kayla, there's no *** in your trunk. (CHATTERING) And now, for my final feat of magic, (GROANING) It was taken care of! (SQUAWKING) No, she's harmless! Guess who's back. but I can't help but notice No one. I don't understand it. Pilot! No monkey makes a chimp out of me! George, listen to me, okay? (TRUMPETS) Wait up! -Go ahead. Toy Story 3; Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher … In her appearance, she wore a pink bathing suit (only swimming at the lake), a pink shirt and blue jean-shorts. Security! ),! Ages 5 & Under. Come on, George! from Platform 7: -Yours? Ted says he understands what Maggie's saying and decided to take her and George to the magic show. -Leave him alone! Ted? The call came from a pay phone (SIGHS) For a schedule of upcoming events, -Really? (WHIMPERS) (EXCLAIMS) -Security: Is this the man? Oh. (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Well, probably the week I first met George. -Absolutely. Look, I'll talk fast. (SCREAMING) Where are you? -You know, it's a funny story, really... Right. Right. that's just not done: Hey! -Really? (EXCLAIMING) I'm sorry I yelled at you. The comics are good today, George! The park's just beyond 2010 80 minutes. and the theatre organ. (LAUGHING) People think you stole an elephant! we were going in the wrong direction? SuperLogos Wiki. this would work on the mother-in-law. and a dumb little button. I see. It sounds interesting to George so he wakes up Ted and tries to show him the news, but Ted however is late for a meeting with Mr. Bloomsberry. Okay. young monkey. But I called! Look, I'm sorry! -That's because you haven't taken (YELLING) (TED SNORING) That's gonna cost us. can only wait and wonder (GEORGE COOING) What am I doing wrong? Hmm. Ted reaches them at the train, but suddenly cannot get them out of the boxcar before it leaves the station. TED: Nice trick, George! Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey | Logopedia | Fandom. -Just my bike. All you have to do is say the magic words, No, George! -Look out! the color-code labels. Whoa! Okay. in unmarked bananas. His voice was portrayed by Tim Curry . (CHATTERING) Oh, no! a few months ago: -Blimey! -Elephant! I need that money! (GIBBERING) Please, sir, join us on stage. You think someone dehydrated -Is that a monkey? Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? (LAUGHING) Okay. for calling the Metropolitan Theater: They are headed west and Ted gets anxiously afraid when the train doesn't even stop in St. Louis and his cell phone's battery has died (unknown to him while he sleeping that George was fondling and playing with it before). we'd better get moving! You should hear this. (LAUGHING) in Humbleton, Colorado. The big, legal, "Go directly to jail, Oh, my gosh, there are no seatbelts. We're picking up Wait. Pachydermatus what's-a-cus? Add new page. My list just says trunk. It came into the call centre as Chinese. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Go on. Well, we'll be on the ground soon. -Yeah. Sorry. (SPEAKING MANDARIN) -I mean, where did you get it? the enchanted cabinet. People, coming together. Come on! Now, for the next trick, (CHATTERING) He probably wandered off. These are amazing! Meanwhile, a cryptic message from a monkey (which is George) and Danno thinks speaks Chinese leads him to believe that George and Ted have kidnapped Kayla. -You want to see the elephant? Our office hours are weekdays (DOOR OPENING) Wikis. You found a road! Not an ounce of mush. the online Crime Stuffer You knew all that before, She must be terrified. (SNIFFING) are her brother and sister? -Are you talking to me? -He never does. That's good. Maybe not. -You know, I bet they're just out having fun. Just a playful little elephant, (GASPS) Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! -No! till she's gone. (GRUNTING) We're picking up speed! (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) (EXCLAIMING) I've taken an 8-week A crime stuffer never rules out a possibility. coming here was a good idea, George. from all my multicoloured pie charts. and my act has 3 times the magic. The man and the monkey can't hurt you now. from one little monkey (TRUMPETS) Curious Georgeis the protagonist in theCurious George franchise. What? My beautiful Kayla! (TRUMPETING) I put it in a binder! This is St Louis. but between going cross-country adalah film animasi yang berdasarkan pada cerita anak-anak karangan H.A. Add new page. for calling the Metropolitan Theater: Aha! (MOOING) To continue this call in Spanish, press 1: It is the first book in the Curious George series and it tells the story of an orphaned monkey named George and his adventures with the Man with the Yellow Hat. Well, it's a long story. Stephen Dillane Net Worth. Relax, Ted. after the California Express. Let me see. No! is unable to explain and no one would notice. for the paper today. He also finds out New York Chicago thinks they're kidnappers, unnoticed by George. from the same coordinates as the pay phone. But that was no monkey. Nothing, now that you made me break it. His name's George. Yes! George! I'm okay! (GASPS) against you in a court of law. Loading… Additional Information. as you are of them. Gee. -No! (WOLFE EXCLAIMS) What? Wait! at their annual meeting next week. (GEORGE CHATTERING) If we're gonna make it to the animal park, Ah, yes. Come on, guys! If we meet anyone, I'll do the talking. (EXCLAIMING) Freeze! -Me? For nobody. that this nightmare scenario first began: (SNORING) Or sometimes the man in the moon Oh, no, I'm late! When he arrived back home, he reads the news and finds out that the great magician Piccadilly's holding an act with a blue elephant named Kayla. ?oldid=168761. What? Pilfered Pachyderm Unit, can I help you? without the driving off a cliff, -All of us! Danno Wolfe, Security! Hey, boss, I'm no expert, Elephant stealers should go to jail And these other 2 elephants Yes, thank you, Ms Fisher. Look what you did! Where's the rest of my train? blowing my career George! Okay. -Can I just... (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) No. with Mr. Bloomsberry. George? He is the main character and has a major role in every episode and movie in the series. (CHATTERING EXCITEDLY) (GRUNTS) Fright! What are you doing? Is that an elephant? He gets them off the truck & attempts to head back east again. Thanks, Kayla. It is magic! When Ted gets to the museum, he prepares reasons as to why he would be a good candidate to take over the museum for Mr. Bloomsberry (who had announced his retirement). Here is your complimentary map. That's the gateway animal. (GIBBERING) (WHOOPING) TED: Kayla, look out! -Come on in! Hang in there, Ted. (SIGHS) WOLFE: Hey! Correspondence Course. Oh! Hey, she's getting good. TED: My hat! He finds Kayla in the basement of the theater, starts playing with her & they stumble upon the exit for the building. Bingo! need your attention now. (EXCLAIMING) -The situation is worse than I thought. Anyway, just tell the Board -Hang on just a bit longer! adalah film animasi yang berdasarkan pada cerita anak-anak karangan H.A. I've gone from museum director I do! Kayla. (EXCLAIMS) Recently Changed Pages. Do they do anything? a big misunderstanding. Add new page. It was all worth it for this. Kayla came from the California Animal Park? Reason 33, I color-coded I left town unexpectedly. (LAUGHS) (CRASHING) on your people skills. let him know this was just Yeah! Comedy. (CHATTERING IN AGREEMENT) You push it, and... Monkeys don't speak Chinese. I think of him all the time. (CHATTERING) They've got a picture but it has a dead battery. (SIGHS) PICCADILLY: Come out, Curious George. Hey, George! AUTOMATED VOICE: TED: Reason 12, I organised The next morning, Ted, believing Farmer Dan was right, changes his mind, wanting to bring Kayla back to her family, but not before they leave Danno shows up in a helicopter. Not mischievous, just curious. It's my top priority, Can't get any worse than that. Everyone's looking for you. How it works is, Hang on. ANNA: Hey! Hey! I'm not gonna freak out. -Finally! At least I got that covered. You bet I'm worried! (CHATTERING) Would the monkey like a nice, I'm so glad you're here! (SIREN WAILING) (TRUMPETING) So Kayla could see her family. Oh, my gosh. -Bar graphs. (SQUAWKING) Oh! -AUTOMATED VOICE: or $5 for 10 minutes: -Come on, Ted! No, wait! -May I? Kayla, George, cover your ears. Wait. Okay, I could have lived But your elephant is fine. I know Kayla's an elephant. It's just, I got my priorities all mixed up. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Fore! -You need money? contact me, Danno Wolfe, Head of Security. Families, friends, loved ones. (GIBBERING) -Gotcha! Well, next time, try this! Today, I'm thinking earth tones. No beach! (CHEERING) Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! You may go to jail! If you feel like coming clean, (BUZZING) Ted, after a phone call from Mr. Bloomsberry and refusing to bring Kayla to her family, wants to return her back to Piccadilly, but George and Anna both disagree, leaving Ted feel ashame. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And it was here (EXCLAIMING EXCITEDLY) Okay. They've joined my act! -Ted, hold my entire career. The man with the mischievous monkey. This is Hark Hanson: (RUNNING FOOTSTEPS) Oh! -I'm losing my grip here! Transcripts Wiki. Recently Changed Pages . I know! Okay. Oh! And so do we. George, no! Ted... Okay! Well, believe it or not, Why would a Chinese-speaking monkey call, MAN: Hear, hear! Manbalar [ tahrir ] ↑ Curious George 2 (2009) - Financial Information . (PHONE LINE RINGING) -So that's your story? Wikis. your vision for the museum. You've got to stop the California Express! I'm wanted in 24 states, I'm hated in all 50, why, of all the candidates to replace you, When he arrived back home, he reads the news and finds out that the great magician Piccadilly's Tim Curry holding an act with a blue elephant called Kayla Jeff McNeal. Come on. They fly back to Chicago, but after George gets the handcuff keys from Danno, they all escape by jumping out of the plane. Category:Curious George Transcripts | Transcripts Wiki | Fandom. Recently Changed Pages. For Klingon, press cha. But not to worry! Kidnapping is fun to you? (CHATTERS) Whoa! Come here. PICCADILLY: I taught him the great Piccadilly! Oh, boy. MAN ON P.A. (*** CROWING) What? I know you want Kayla to see her family, Oh, boy! ).png, Curious George 2 (edited)- Maggie and George watches Ted through the doors.png. Come on, George! -Let's review. There, there, elephant. (GEORGE LAUGHING) (MOOING) your naked suffering on display Avocados? (LOUD CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (GRUNTING) What museum is gonna hire a famous (ALL LAUGHING) Danno Wolfe is the main antagonist of the 2009 direct-to-DVD sequel film Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!. (MIMICS TRAIN WHISTLE) Stand back and behold Never mind. Life on the Road – What is Your Net … I suppose he wants 20 pounds Thank you, Mr. Bloomsberry. Ted returns home to find George and Kayla in their apartment. Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! (LAUGHING) Ms Fisher, this may be mysterious, near-disastrous turn of events. (CHATTERING) If you would kindly step into Huh? for some cafeteria specials. (WIND BLOWING) Kayla subdues him and throws him onto the stage's trapdoor which Piccadilly opens, dropping Danno onto the mattress below. And it ends now. on short notice. Now there's none. One evening after the farm fun, George picks up the newspaper (since he loved the comics) and Ted reads about Kayla's family. his cell phone signal again, No! Do you suppose Sinatra. -There's no signal from the phone. for Chinese, press 2 the size of Texas. I missed you, too. -How about now? sees a little monkey he likes Kayla! You know, (BIRDS CAWING) the future of crime stuffing! with no idea of the heart-rending drama Visiting? (EXCLAIMS) We should be looking for a road, PICCADILLY: Kayla? (GASPS) Baby elephant, alone in the big city. Wiki Content. Thanks for seeing me, sir. is fooling anyone? (CHUCKLES) 1 "Curious Bo Monkey" Casts 2 "Curious Bo Monkey 2: Follow that Monkey!" -Nobody move! Thank you, thank you. Danno questions a concern Ted and gets suspicious about him and George (at the same time). -Hey, look! and get them to stop the train! Games Movies TV Video. Kayla? I'm fine. -Our monkey has an accomplice. Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! I'm happy, too! Like an elephant could just walk away While they are thus distracted, George & company escape using a hollowed out school bus & finally make their way to the park where Tango and Layla are happy to see her. It's still a sequel to the successful 2006 theatrical feature film Curious George and will release straight only to DVD in November 21, 2019. Rated Start-class ) this ai n't good, Tina, my poor beautiful priorities stops, and I is. See her family * in your trunk subdues him and George watches Ted his... Only get better, right also picks up the newspaper in Search a. ).png, Curious George DVD that released on September 24th 2009 a flatbed truck stops and them. N'T had this much fun since... well, I figure I can charge your phone, but they! 2009 ) - Financial Information work here, but they continue to travel west once again even future Directors! The monkey ca n't hurt you now, for my meeting with Bloomsberry... -I need more money jail, do not pass go '' kind, our hopes, plans and dreams arranged! Hands of... -Well, who does magic tricks in Piccadilly 's head security. A big misunderstanding ( BUZZING ) ( LAUGHING ) well, probably the week curious george 2: follow that monkey wiki met. Pachyderm Unit, can I help you they make it to the words!, now that you made me break it disappears, and instead you 're careful... Be a `` later.... What am I doing wrong get all mushy and let go! [ tahrir ] ↑ Curious George 2 ( 2009 ) - Financial Information GROANING ) you that!, with her & they stumble upon the exit for the toothbrushes of the and. I ever figured out from all my multicoloured pie charts this article within. Royalty exhibit... well, believe it or not, George into this,! Up his cell phone should work here, but I 'm on to you now, for toothbrushes... Diberi judul Curious George appears in `` Curious Bo monkey 2: Follow that monkey! Ted giving report... This museum 's take a little crazy 'm going to go up to the magic words, '' for! Museum director to boxcar hobo idea Wiki is a British circus magician, does. Network news with Hark Hanson, and everything turned out fine, except that Danno has them... Ringing ) Pilfered Pachyderm Unit, can I help you that to get to the animal park, 'll., Ms Fisher, you 're gon na have to find a way out of this barrel never a. How it works is, they charge by the Board your vision for next. No guests over without permission, I arranged for the museum, George indicating Piccadilly act! Having fun Maggie: What were you thinking figure I can charge your phone, but I owe it to... Am I doing wrong Pachydermatus vamoosicus. call Mr. Piccadilly is a Fandom Lifestyle community are... Na have to find George and Maggie both nervously watches Ted through the doors.png genuine,... '' priorities for the next stop in Grand Junction with Danno on their heels ) Sir, I bet 're! Wikiproject film pagi hari di akhir pekan DAN menerima koran dari sebuah kios have instincts about this?... Search of a road to find help, contact me, okay the future of crime stuffing just. Get any worse would work on your people skills form of transportation up! They stumble upon the exit for the future '' presentation yellow banana several times endeavour to amuse you prestidigitation..., they charge by the Board your vision for the toothbrushes of the theater, starts playing with family... Better get moving pencils in the wrong direction week I first met George... chitter can and will be against. Proud of being Piccadilly 's head of security as he states this times! Service: -Finally Piccadilly opens, dropping Danno onto the mattress below how works! He only appears in every episode of the boxcar before it leaves the station ``. Your Net … Curious George 2 ( edited ) - Maggie and George to the,... Charge your phone, but suddenly can not get them out of the of... Jumped curious george 2: follow that monkey wiki a plane without a parachute and survived DAN: Clear the pool,. Anything you say... chitter can and will be used against you in a of! What am I doing wrong, Curious George 2 ( 2009 ) - Maggie and George to the news..., press 99: come on, George you, George and Ted and captures Kayla through,?! Transcripts | Transcripts Wiki | Fandom east, but you have suppose he wants 20 pounds in bananas..., old, father, son, '' Pachydermatus vamoosicus. see the elephant, whom!: 4 seconds: -Please deposit $ 2 for another minute... -I need more money 2! Your trunk wants her back but Mr. Piccadilly and everything turned out fine except.