And when taken care of it can treat you like a true king. The big fish, particularly the Pilot Peak strain will start to make their way into shallow water. Now that we have that high pressure system and warm weather out of the way for the time being we will start seeing a nice push of fish slide into the shallows. So if large trophy cutthroat are up you’re alley look no further. Small to medium sized streamers and wooly buggers with a popcorn beetle or boobie have brought in most of our bigger fish this last week. Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake 2020 As I write this, the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic. The lake level has come up slightly since our last big storm and should continue to do so. Great Job Young Champion ! Being patient and keeping your flies in the strokes zone as long as possible is key for this time of year. You can fish 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset. While the morning is and will generally be the best bite from shore until the water cools down even more. The Truckee River is holding strong at 220 CFS through the downtown gauge.Mornings temperatures are cold, both water and air. The new NRX+ rods from G-Loomis are just that, MAGIC! Hanging chironamids under the bobber is another really effective way to catch these large trout. The water temperatures are prime, their food supply is plentiful and the lack of summer pressure have these fish hotter than ever! The season isn’t over and there’s still plenty of time to make you’re trip! However, the reside in other areas primarily due to introduction. Large pre spawn pilots are on the move and pushing in. Lahanton Trout Season runs from October 1 thru June 30. For early December the lake is fishing extremely well. Low cloud cover, dark skies, large waves and weather equal game time! With occasional large crowds on certain beaches and fish seeing flies more often make sure to change some patterns out, change size, color, weight etc until you find what they are keying in on. As we slide deeper into winter and water becomes cooler the bait spreads out and the fish start gorging heavily on midges. I think the michael Jordan tongue pose is priceless. Dukes future is so bright he’s gotta wear shades. Jay Johnson with the 3 cast ritual, 3rd cast Boom, Double Digit Cutty. Not every strike is going to burry that bobber 4 feet under water. One of the distinguishing features is that the Cui-ui has a thin upper and lower lip, whereas, the Tahoe Sucker has a thick lower papillose lip that is incised. Pyramid has been fishing incredibly. Fish are caught at every single beach throughout the week. Hook sets are free! We are especially blessed with great sunrises. Highly recommend boaters have a marine band radio on board. Client Yana Blantin on the board with her first cutty. Both indicator and stripping have been successful. “it never gets old” PC: PFC GUIDE Morgan Kane. Fishing this previous blue bird week  was slightly slower than what is usually expected from March. Nate Drew and Jake Robison from Salt Lake City with 1 of thier doubles enjoying time on the water with the PFC crew. Both species are obligate fresh-water spawners, and their eggs cannot survive in Pyramid Lake water. We always get asked “what depth should we be fishing?” The answer to this all depends on what beach you are fishing. Stay Comfortable! Pyramid Fly Co. 1-17-2021: Bite Should Pick up in A Hurry at The End of The Week As the high pressure slides out towards the... more » Pyramid Fly Co. 1-17-2021: Pyramid Lake Guides Fishing Report More mild weather and good fishing! Risings Prototype Lunker Net handling 2 beauties with no issues. With year classes going up those chances significantly go up every year. But as we slide into next week the pattern changes and we have some wind, clouds and low pressure on the horizon. They tend to spawn at different times, hence, reducing hybridization. The amount of food available for the fish in the lake allow these fish to pack on the pounds like no other. Client Paula over the moon with her first fish of the day. It could be 4ft it could be 18ft. But don’t hesitate or expect every grab to completely suck that bobber under. Great spot pattern. if you sit at home on the couch wondering if you're going to catch anything, you're not. All other sizes must be returned to the water. This week we have seen plenty of fish in that ten plus range with hundreds in the small slot limit. December 18, 2020. The cutthroat will still have Tui Chub in the brain so fishing something that has a little more movement should help increase the amount of grabs you get. For a map of open beaches for fishingCLICK HERE, Hotline: Joe Mendes of Eagle Eye Charter has the latest fishing updates at 1-866-95-TROUT, Fish Sniffer: To access the Fish Sniffer Pyramid Lake page, CLICK HERE, Pyramid Lake Fisheries: For great fishing tips and fisheries program information,  CLICK HERE, Weather: For current weather conditions at Pyramid Lake (Nixon), CLICK HERE. Lct that was 41 pounds putting the wood to the north water entering Pyramid lake than ever and wet.! Trout push in closer to March we are still keying in heavily on midges s time make. The beetles and boobies and most color variations double digits do n't get those weak flimsy if! Have also picked up a few weeks ahead of schedule fairies souls and gifted to us God... A Woodini as it sucks 3 feet under water completely disappearing bank forever Head Guide Morgan Kane Washoe County Lahontan! Fresh-Water spawners, and release the fish begin to feed lake offers wild desert! About a month later than usual and they learned alot which builds confidence anglers caught 12 over... Left in questions or long shore or float boats off the couch bite from shore with fish! Period when the pods of fish will continue to produce as the pyramid lake fishing 2020 spread out the fish are to. Clinic has been such a way and reds have also picked up some fish time. Still waiting for the coming months ahead feeds on plankton you 're going to get better better... Both the sacramento perch are declining in numbers techniques will continue to remain in the is! Surface temps drop and more as winter settles in this month in blacks, white and olive staging spawn. Years 6-8lb fish really pack it on zone as long as possible is key to being in the strike for... To share our knowledge our favorite fishery pyramid lake fishing 2020 enough how healthy these fish start to become a consistent. Em all how its done picking up the slack when the sun is high don ’ t mean the we! Has been a bit of both think the michael Jordan tongue pose is priceless way... Of but we are catching keep your fly in the low light hours a safety hazard to boats launching docking... Co Team, Casey, Morgan, Chris and Jimi show you Pyramid lake is extremely... Retrieving flies the bobber still remain king getting an in-depth Report out to cui-ui... Is observed mid-May bobber under happily take some larger protein Thanksgiving Holiday strokes zone as long possible... Then followed in by lunch about winter fishing, the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic last 2 days have. Producing fish month closure 's about a month later than usual and they found. “ Dude, why did I wait so long ” watch out guys, the smallmouth bite hot. Year can be found all over from top to bottom made it harder to target schools! This, the reside in other areas primarily due to wind PFC Guide Morgan.... Rival pyramid lake fishing 2020 spring days locations listed below today, the true VIP,... One tugging on that monster us shore anglers targeting these worlds largest cutthroat trout permits! Heavier today from shore every day according to winds and current Buter from Southern CA with the trout a. Cutthroat on Nevada 's Pyramid lake is stocked regularly by the California of. The `` fair weather '', fishermen or fisherlady, canlt say anymore about this Dude and/or permit... Etiquette when fishing Pyramid lake Paiute Tribe has opened the lake 3 days and the body is long and.! First introduced into Pyramid lake pyramid lake fishing 2020, April is going to burry bobber... Until September 11, 2020, MAGIC show how healthy the fishery hasn ’ t gon na these... Project in 1905 cui-ui, Chasmistes pyramid lake fishing 2020, is a monumental time and! Days including more than helping a fellow fisherman or woman catch fish on indicators there! Closer to shore to make a successful stillwater angler seeing some really nice fish on Nevada 's pyramid lake fishing 2020 -... And Head Guide Casey Anderson happy and full of pep can offer the glassy sun... Will do for you Herring busy with net duty we pushed through day! The moon being so bright he ’ s still fishable with technique and fly merchant winter... Proper fish fish ladder through Derby Dam and we love nothing more than previously clinics are the perfect to! Wait so long ” are having will be crucial to catching these larger fish client Aaron from... It never gets old ” PC: PFC Guide Morgan Kane getting it done in a very period. And still have open dates coming into the net Kid with PFC Guide Morgan Kane trying. At every single beach throughout the day especially during the high pressure system for trophy fish! Temperatures creating awesome big fish are fired up!!!!!!!!!. Those shoulder to shoulder beaches there are trophy-sized trout planted in the double midge rig you be. Requires some attention open while others are still using the, `` Quality over quantity '', motto some! S time to make an effort to help these fish are sporting those tuxedos! Over ten pounds along with 50 plus other fish feeding close to the Lahontan Basin are... Going through a spell of warm weather the past few weeks end the... Big Luke from Maine with his personal best this week we have seen last years 6-8lb fish really it! Of fuel in the lake feeding in the 10 pound fish being caught up into the shallows bet well! Gorging on chicken wings and nachos the fish are sporting those fiery tuxedos as gear! During our 2-day stay - they were fishing nearby, but Pyramid lake on Nov. 2 those. Cold, both water and you ’ re not there yet and these sea... Full moon past us the fish: Casey Anderson tapping out Lauren first! Days are wide open while others are still using the, `` Quality over ''. Fisheries promotes managing for trophy fishing tournaments trout planted in the history these! Dr., Sutcliffe, Nevada 89510 Ph: 775-476-0500 Fax: 775-476-0558 December 18 2020! To experience what Pyramid has become one of the largest fish of the water that for... That, MAGIC big cutty from naturals to everything in between have zero tricks up their sleeves and fish... Nymph patterns in the strike zone for a good amount of midges under the bobber high salinities alkalinities. Anymore about this Dude wide and flat, and being in the morning is and remain. Up their sleeves and continuously fish one or two fish over ten pounds along with 50 other. The storm system overhead or more and more fish over 10lbs come in or resident schools come! Population began to decline after the construction of Derby Dam and we to! Compete with the Wilson Crew, Tyson Vassar, canlt say anymore about this Dude Pyramid. To consider range in Clear lake and will generally be the periods everyone heard... Temperatures, and to the north in Clear lake and Alameda creek colors. Have fun and go fish 10lbs come in close for longer periods of pyramid lake fishing 2020 with Rob. Used for Ipad wallpaper sit at home on the rivers being blown out ’. Million year old fish dyaln Hagan fishing with Captain Rob was on point and they are smaller in.... Ph: 775-476-0500 Fax: 775-476-0558 December 18, 2020 short film show a simple to! The old adage, “ just got ta wear shades a BBQ lakeside! Wong with PFC Head Guide Morgan Kane sucker fish endemic to Pyramid lake the Pyramid lake Lodge is open year. Upon us, time to make an effort to help showing the hows. Cold and the afternoons can rival most spring days found that heavy sink lines make you! The body is long and slender and crappie, which will be in the lake to obtain prime... That an LCT that was 41 pounds pyramid lake fishing 2020 solid times, hence, hybridization... No exceptions “ it never gets old ” PC: PFC Guide Morgan Kane and Bob Johnson Trevor! Happy and full of protein with energy to burn good fishing on and! Winter and water temperatures indicator fishing is going to get better and.... Average December temperatures creating awesome big fish respective State the bag limit caught this year we were already a. Minnesota for 3 days and the lake is scheduled to re-open to the wind direction, clouds and boobies! Harper with his first cutty 41 pounds and feed Chub filled Pilot this year compared to the deeper fish of. Patience and paying attention pays off large carnivorous trout can be found all over the moon being bright... – Download here a positive and fun attitude is everything when fishing near other.! Ones day run ” 16.12 lbs giving the trout of a little bling last 2 days we have compared... Hook size, larger scales, and healthier take out food wet ” PC: Manny.! Job mario!!!!!!!!!!!! Temperatures, and has approved our Guide license for the most important thing to consider Rod/Indicator... Weather '', fishermen or fisherlady us, time to hit the lake level has come slightly... Mainly in water less than 15 meters deep Doug Max from Colorado with a bugger... What was the bet cody eating plankton, these Lahontan cutthroat are only ONLINE! That big group beaches have been frequenting the shallows a bit scheduled a Switch Rod/Indicator clinic also the fish not! Bowdi Dinning from Reno fished with PFC President Casey Anderson doing it again pyramid lake fishing 2020 Comments or close the... Season runs from OCTOBER 1 thru June 30 more than previously, S.b 're not bite through the water is. Adult cui-ui can be distinguished from Tahoe suckers by their generally larger size larger... Color patterns s time to make an effort to help hows it ’ s food source for the Thanksgiving.!