At the Tout Terrain manufactory, the team works passionately to bring you your Singletrailer. Your child sits, gently suspended and cushioned (travel 200 mm), in a chassis produced from extra light but highly durable CrMo steel with a roll bar. Trailers . Our rugged cargo trailer for all types of terrain: Single-wheeled and suspended, it carries everything that you need on your bicycle tour. The Tout Terrain Singletrailer is THE only trailer that gives parents the ability to hit the single track with a child behind them comfortably so mountain biking CAN continue with families with small children.. Tout Terrain Singletrailer. Do you agree with the usage of cookies? Repairing Rusted Seized RST Gila T5 Fork/Shocks - Duration: 27:48. The Singletrailer was lent to us by Tout Terrain in Aug 2014 (on the understanding that it was to be returned when no longer used). The suspension can be precisely adjusted to load weight, and comfort and handling characteristics can be tuned for the desired on- or the off-road ride characteristics. The Mule is a wonderful trailer for off road touring. Tout Terrain Streamliner Suspended Trail a Bike. Up front the rider can enjoy the trail while the strong yet lightweight steel frame, suspension, and quality build keeps your child safe and comfortable while offering best-in-class performance. Our friendly, knowledgeable dealers are there to take care of you before, during, and after your purchase. Die Aufbauanleitung für den Singletrailer von tout terrain. Great deals on demo bikes and select models. Do you agree with the usage of cookies? This all results in increased all-weather comfort for your child. Restrictions only arise when combining very small 29" frames with very deep seatposts or dropperposts. Reducing the suspension travel moves the centre of gravity of the trailer further downwards to achieve an even more stable ride. The Singletrailer includes the sun cover, but does not include attachment hardware (hitch and shim), so make sure to add each item separately before checking out! Post Comment. For families looking for the ability to get their not so strong riders out on the single track, the Tout Terrain Streamliner is a game-changer. Bicycle development. We pride ourselves on being available to you before, during and after your purchase. This and the minimal rolling resistance make the riding experience totally unique. I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy. 29,00 € In order to keep the weight low, the stand is made of aluminium and is precisely optimised for maximum load capacity of 25kg. Kids still need to ride in a trailer? Carefully designed to be slightly wider than the actual frame, it ensures that the trailer is deflected when it impacts an object. They follow behind bike as if on rails, and apart from their weight, handling characteristics for the rider up front are largely unchanged. An additional safety cotter pin AND a steel safety cable ensure that the trailer stays with you no matter what. Bicycle Touring with a Toddler in Australia. In Germany. The Singletrailer is the ideal trailer for all bikers who want to enjoy the . I know Peter White Cycles usually has one or two of the Singletrailers in stock as well as different sized receivers. The shock is light, yet robust and low-maintenance. High-quality materials. Tout Terrain sent us a demo model to try out for a couple months. Bicycle development. Our durable, high-quality trailers let your child experience the joys of cycling first hand, or transport a your gear on unforgettable bike tours. Skip to main content ... tout terrain bike co-motion tout terrain bicycle trek 520 tout terrain singletrailer velo orange tout terrain trailer. Dabei werden die technischen Besonderheiten einmal kurz heraus gestellt. Mountain bikers often choose to ride dropper-posts for increased performance and handling. tout terrain Singletrailer Kinderanhänger Impressionen - Duration: 2:24. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. This page requires cookies. Our unique trailer suspension smooths out the ride, not only in the city but also off-road thanks to our high quality air-sprung and oil-damped suspension. With these true masters of their trade, a special class product is created that supports you every day and helps you to reach your goals. Tout Terrain Mule, Singletrailer and Streamliner The Mule. Seems like the only option for moderate trail riding and singletrack is the Tout Terrain Singletrailer.Great reviews over the years, and a painful price tag. TOUT TERRAIN - sun canopy for single trailers. The Singletrailer from Tout Terrain is a unique one-wheeled child trailer that follows directly behind you, so it can cope with pretty much any track that your bike can! Check out our review of the Tout Terrain Singletrailer here. Singletrailer er den ideelle cykeltrailer for alle cyklister, der ønsker at nyde det rå terræn sammen med deres familie. The fully-featured soft seat is made from PU foam - the resulting insulation helps in cool conditions while the breathable cover material provides improved air circulation in warmer conditions, and moisture managements at all contact points. Quality bearings ensure performance and good long-term reliability. Mit diesen wahren Meistern ihres Fachs entsteht ein Fahrrad-Anhänger der Sonderklasse: dein Tout Terrain Anhänger, der dich jeden Tag begeistert. ... At the Tout Terrain facility, people work passionately on your bike. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Inkl. This allows a safe loading and unloading of the trailer, at home or on the trail. The trailers lean with the rider in corners and do not slow you down as they would with two-wheeled trailers. At the Tout Terrain manufactory, the team works passionately to bring you your Singletrailer. Our hitch can be installed on dropper posts which have a coupling in the control cable/hose. Tout Terrain Singletrailer Suspended MTB Child Trailer. Category. Our dealers are experienced and trained to provide you with best support before, during and after your purchase. Passionate craftsmanship. They bring their experience. The Tout Terrain Singletrailer is a single wheel alloy bike trailer that excels at towing one child on varied terrain. Like the company’s other specialist single wheel trailers – the Mule and the Singletrailer – its eyebrow-raising price tag reflects the a no holds barred approach to bike accessories. The Singletrailer is suitable for ages 3 month to about 5 years (or 25kg passenger weight). The long-travel configuration is recommended for trail use and rough terrain as it increases ground clearance. Tout Terrain (3) Apply Tout Terrain filter ; Tout Terrain Singletrailer Suspended Child Trailer. Our tools are our heads and hands. *** Once your child has outgrown the Singletrailer, the fun really starts: your child can join you on the trail for longer distances, still enjoying the ride as your passenger. If you are looking for a Tout Terrain product that is not yet on our site, just call us for a quote - 201-775-4274. To protect the underbody, frame, and cover of the trailer against impacts, the stand also functions as a bash guard.